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Mackay Air Conditioning Services tradesmen have provided superior residential air conditioning and commercial air conditioning installation services for Mackay and Whitsundays for the past 15 years, with hundreds of happy customers. At Mackay Air-conditioning services, our reputation has been built on providing quality at an affordable price. We are air conditioning experts serving residential and commercial markets, providing aircon installation and servicing for ducted, multi and split systems with all installation work 100% guaranteed.

Mackay Air Conditioning service understand the importance of Affordability:

*Mackay Air -Conditioning always offers competitive pricing.

*Our low overheads allow us to maintain low customer prices.

*We only use high quality parts and materials.

*Mackay Air-Conditioning never compromises on quality to maintain our low prices.

*Free fixed quotes before we start work.

*Mackay Air-Conditioning recommends energy efficient air con solutions for lower costs and a greener tomorrow.

*We deliver what we say – no mess, no fuss, no nasty surprises!

*Built on reputation – we work with customers to deliver the best solutions.

*Mackay Air-Conditioning are experts in air conditioning Mackay installation and servicing.

*Based in the Andergrove, we have served the Mackay area continuously since 2020.

*All Mackay Air-Conditioning Service air conditioning installations are supported by long installation warranties to give you peace of mind.

*Numerous customer testimonials available.

*Our focus at Mackay Air-Conditioning is on customer service.

*Expert advice on Mackay Air conditioners to add value to your home.

*Specialists in installation of all air conditioning systems including split systems and ducted air conditioners.

*Mackay Air-Conditioning Service recommends energy efficient and environmentally friendly air conditioning solutions.

*We hold an Electrical License and a ARCTIK License for refrigeration.

Air-Conditioning Solutions

Ducted Systems: Ducted air conditioning systems are the ‘top of the range’ solution and allow for the distribution of cool and warm air all around the house at the touch of a button. These ducted air conditioning systems contain a number of components, being the air handling unit, the outdoor compressor and vents in each room. One additional option is to also include a zone control system, which allows you to control the air flow to each room or ducted point, with a typical use being to operate in the living areas during the day and the bedrooms at night. With ducted air conditioning systems, there is also more flexibility in the positioning of the outdoor unit.

Wall Mounted Split Systems: This air conditioner system comprises two parts, the indoor air handling unit and the outdoor compressor unit. Nowadays, most split systems are also reverse cycle, which means they can both cool and heat rooms. In fact, the heating mode of these air conditioner units is generally regarded as one of the most cost efficient forms of heating available. Split systems are perfect for single room and cost efficient solutions, where the outdoor unit can be positioned nearby. Based on factors such as the size and position of the room, windows and insulation, Mackay Air-Conditioning Service staff can recommend the most effective size of air conditioner unit for your residential needs.

Cassette Systems: Air conditioner cassette systems are generally used when there is not enough roof space for a ducted system or no where on the wall for a wall hung system. In the past, they were mainly suited to commercial applications, however new technical designs have created a unit with a much thinner profile and therefore they are now also being installed in residential situations.

Which Brand of Air Conditioner?

Mackay Air-Conditioning Services can supply and install any brand of air conditioning unit, however we do tend to recommend certain suppliers as our experience suggests that some air conditioner suppliers produce much more reliable products than others. Our preferred and most recommended air conditioner brand is Actron Air, they are an Australian made air conditioner!

Servicing and Maintenance of Air Conditioners

Good air conditioner maintenance procedures start after installation, and you should always ensure that your air conditioner filter is clean and clear of any contaminates. Whilst air filters can generally be cleaned by the homeowner, there are certain other items that need to be occasionally checked to ensure that your air conditioning system is running smoothly, for example refrigerant levels, cooling coils, condensing unit and drip trays. In our experience, both new and old systems require some routine maintenance and therefore we recommend regular preventative check ups in order to save you possible headaches and bigger costs in the long run. Whilst the interval between servicing is largely dependent upon how long the system runs each day and how many people it serves, we recommend professional servicing for residential customers at least once every 18 months.

If you are looking for a quality job done right the first time give us a call today!

Mackay Air-Conditioning is part Of the Recon Energy Group.